Anonymous said: Hello GIGG. Loved your long essay but a question about fitz saying " i never would have cheated." He tried to have olivia fired after they met so IF his marriage of politcal expediency had included conjugal visits and he had not felt guilt-ridden, might he not have tried to walk away from liv--despite his feelings--because he wanted so much not to behave as his father had? Even in the rose garden speech he mentioned having wanted to dedicate himself to his marriage in order to be a better man.











Oh yay anon! I was worried it was a tad too long but I am glad you read it all. 


As for your question, it appears you are on to something because its what the narrative seems to bearing out now isnt it?  Episode 106, pretty much established that there was a sense of inevitability to the Olitz connection. it was this larger force that existed outside of either one of them despite their misgivings or attempts to let each other go. That same force is what keeps pulling them into each other’s orbit and it would persist regardless of the state of his marriage to Mellie kwim? This was what cannon established before last night: Fitz’s feelings for her were this all encompassing force that was more than a reprieve Olivia was never just  an escape and a warm, tight whole to drown his sorrows in…but now i cant really hold on to that can I? 

I can no longer ship Olitz in good faith because the pendulum swung the other way and smacked me right in the face. 

Now, I am supposed to believe that Olitz was never defined as an entity all its own. That when Fitz spat out “You don’t think I wanna dedicate myself to my marriage?” it wasn’t just the ghosts of big Gerry talking, or him lamenting the rigors of being STUCK in  politically convenient marriage. Part of that was linked to Mellie as as a person. Last night Fitz was upset about the fact his marriage was over before it began, that they never had a shot. He wanted a shot with MELLIE- never mind we haven’t seen their connection played up as such before. it was her frigidity that pushed him away and urged him to seek shelter elsewhere… And despite his anger at Andrew which is understandable there is now a hint of vacillation/doubt on his part that wasn’t there before. Perhaps this was never a story about star crossed lovers facing impossible odds, just a tortured  miserable man looking for a way out. And this is precisely the interpretation I have been pushing against from the beginning, but the text is what it is.

 If this was the plan why even write something as epic as The Trail to begin with? Why give us the Rose Garden scene that explicitly puts to rest any notion of a mistress beholden to her white master only to bring it back with a vengeance two seasons later?


Now at some point, Fitz  will realize that ship has sailed, the present is what’s counts and that neither of them have much to gain from remaining married, but at this point Olitz has been sufficiently cheapened for me not to even be invested anymore. Nowadays, I am on “Team Olivia has dealt with enough BS  and  Needs to belong to herself and herself ALONE.”

And while I will never believe Fitz is an awful irredeemable person like so many people do (see my big love fest defending him), I do recognize that Olivia needs to really try to keep their relationship strictly professional for the time being just for her own emotional health and safety. It’s funny I always firmly believed that Olitz can’t be the fullest versions of themselves without each other, but there is no such thing as fullness in the Scandalverse.  Just people trying to deal with their choices and hanging on to moments  of  happiness that  are always transitory and fleeting.

The key right now for Olivia is  survival, and putting the tattered pieces back together as best she can. Right now, being without him is what’s best for her  recovery and self esteem . Once they can exist as whole functional people, that aren’t largely  defined by a toxic co-dependence on one another, they might have a shot. I will be watching from a weary distance though. Not going down this ship.

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Great thoughts.

To be fair I will say I do find it interesting that Fitz before he met Olivia never cheated even though he wasn’t getting sex for close to ten years.  So it wasn’t just a hole he was looking for for warmth even in that conversation he had with Mellie last night.  There are plenty of girls in politics who would have given him sex if that was the only thing he wanted but he didn’t.  So that still leans to the side of him falling in love with Liv and loving her enough to break his own promise not to cheat on Mellie no matter what.

  But I don’t know any woman that wouldn’t pause at his nevers if they were standing in front of the door.  I know some will argue that Fitz doesn’t really know if he would have cheated even if he was happy with Mellie but the only thing that exist now is the fact he feels he wouldn’t have.  Olivia has a right to pause at that and give Fitz distance.   She needs to take care of herself.

See but my problem is that  it  still comes down to the fact that Mellie played a bigger role in their connection than we thought… And lets face it, whether or not that interpretation is completely accurate, we are now talking about Fitz’s sex life in relation to the affair which positions Liv primarily as an object of desire/lust (especially for those who dont pay close attention). Now the “she is his WIFE and mother of his kids while she’s just a jumpoff ” brigade have something to run with…I cant abide by that at all…Olivia just needs to walk away from all of it, for the time being at least.

IDK.  Not to defend Fitz but putting it in the context of BJ and how he was affected by his numerous affairs and how that effected his mother I don’t think it is so much that he ever loved Mellie as much as it is that he wanted to take his marriage vows seriously as that he wanted to build a family with her.  To not be like Big Jerry and step out on his marriage.  So there is some guilt there, regret, and anger.  But I still think their marriage was long dead by the time Olivia arrived there and blew his socks off.   

But I totally agree that Olivia should put distance between them and mean it.   Absolutely.  She needs to clean up her own messes and leave the Grants alone until they figure out their shit.

This is true, the shadow of big Gerry looms large, but despite his utter disregard for her in their later years together, he did feel a sense of duty and obligation to her…and the reason Mellie retreating so deeply into herself after the rape hurt him was because he missed whatever fondness/cameraderie or whatever else they had before….there were all sorts of feelings there, and not all of them were reducible to wanting to right his father’s wrongs imo. There is a sense of loss not just for his family but what he and Mellie could have shared… now eventually he is gonna see the light i am sure, I just loath how to reinforce the trauma of the rape (ugh) which he still doesnt know about,  Fitz point out that they hadnt fucked for 10 years. SMH. that line left a bad taste in my mouth…just ickiness all around. The best case scenario right  now is that the marriage ends and they both seek some degree of closure and leave olivia the hell alone.

I’m sure because (and once again I’m not defending Fitz and I actually agree with a lot of your points) at that point Fitz really didn’t have anyone else and even in his arrangement story he talked about how charming Mellie was when he first met her.  She didn’t knock his socks off but he had caring for her and as Mellie herself said we may never have been in love but we were partners.  So I could see him having his dreams, having a vision of them married and possibly growing into something more, when it was dashed by her rejection of him physically and emotionally.  But he was never in love with her.  Even last night he never said he was in love with her.   

That being said I do want Olivia to stay far away from all of it.  Like I totally agree with her handing the duty to Abby and doing her own thing.  Good for her.

We are so here. He never loved her,and part of the processes of extricating himself from the marriage is determining exactly what he DID feel for Mellie and letting it go, but at this point, I am just tired loool And i know for sure the way the narrative is going, Liv is going to take what fitz said last episode as confirmation of what Rowan and Cyrus and everyone else kept warning her about. Poor baby!  I hate how this is playing out for her, because its going to bring up all sorts of unresolved abandonment/rejection issues. A part of her now has reason to believe even more deeply that she was just a warm hole to him as she has been prone to suspect at times. (i hate saying that, but i wouldnt be surprised if liv does at a future date cuz commodifying her body is what’s hot in these scandal streets SMH

Watch there be an upswell of Melitz fanfic talking about how “in love” they used to be because that interpretation is plausible now. Still WRONG, but now its plausible ……. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Whatever floats people boats but ummm….she still had his baby prematurely, lied to him, forged his signature, fake a miscarriage on national television, wanted him to be shot in the head, he suspected she might want to kill him and tried to have him assassinated, threw an innocent girl to the wolves to take the fall for the affair, put him on blast on national television and let me not get into the stuff he’s done.

Like at this point her rape doesn’t change all the horrible shit that they’ve done to each other when the chips are down.   If anything the fact she didn’t trust him with the rape was already a sign that their marriage was doomed.

But you ship what you ship I guess.  lol

What the hell is a Mellitz fanfic? Be real.

A melitiz fanfic needs three ingredients 

1) selective amnesia about canon

2) A deep and abiding love of virtuous queen Mellie, intellectual genius and wronged spouse 

3) A mutual   but as of yet undiscovered dislike for both Mellie and Fitz because its clear at this point that they can never be happy together … so why would you root for a romance that will inevitably lead to both of them being miserable and unfulfilled as they have been for years now? I dunno but its a sight to see


Mellitz fanfic - I need that yikes gif of Jay-Z. lol

miltonsong the problem with remembering all of the shit Mellie pulled before is that the writers don’t want you to remember that now. The rape is the only thing that matters now in their narrative. The sacrifice that Mellie made by not telling Fitz about the rape for his political career. That is the narrative that they keep on reinforcing this whole season. So taking this narrative to it’s logical conclusion - you’ll either have Mellie realize that the sacrifices she made on Fitz’s behalf were too much for what she’s got and she’ll walk away or you’ll have Fitz finding out about the rape and feel terrible about it and try to reconcile. 

That’s where I see it going at least.