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Interesting clip between her and her father. Despite the potential for cliches, getting to know more about Olivia’s background is probably the only thing I’m interested in so far with the upcoming storylines. 

First thing I noted was the fact Rowan calls her Livvie.   Second, it is rather obvious that shit went down at the Pope household where Liv’s mom wanted her to stay away from Rowan.   

Also the way Olivia mentions her mom makes me think she is no longer living.

Hmm, I don’t know about her Mom not being alive. I think it could go either way from that clip. 

Can I just say, I don’t like the idea of anyone else but Fitz using the term Livvie? I don’t know, I just want it to be his special thing. 

I think it depend on whether or not they want to draw parallels between Rowan and Fitz with the use of Livvie being shorthand for that.   I wouldn’t put it past Shonda.

I only say that because of Liv’s use of “used to” when she talks about her mother.  If she was still alive I would think she would say her mother says the same about him.  It is a past tense expression.  But knowing this show he mom could be chilling in Hawaii for all we know.  lol

See, I interpreted it as Olivia saying “Mom used to tell me stay away from you and I didn’t believe her until I wised up and now avoid you.”